Catering made easy

Each loaf is 18 inches long
Each loaf is cut into 6 mini sub slice 3 inches each

Loaf cost is $17.00 per loaf any sandwich same price

1/2 loafs are available @ $8.50

All condiments are served on the side:
Your choice of mild, medium or hot peppers, italian dressing and mustard.

Please call 323-930-8989 for catering assistance.
All bread is freshly baked every 30 minutes.

Catering is available 7 days a week.


Example: 1 1/2 loaves

1 loaf of Godfather
1/2 loaf of Tuna Fish

Nine 3 inch subs: $25.50

Catering tray display and condiments: $2.95

Feeds 4-6 guests


Example: 2 1/2 loaves

1 loaf godfather
1 loaf signature turkey
1/2 loaf caprese

Fifteen 3 inch subs: $42.50

Large catering tray display and condiments: $3.95

Feeds 6-8 guests